Backup Recovery Isn’t Just for Business

September 15th, 2016 / Blogs

System failures can happen at any time and cause a slew of problems for your business — from lost data to extended downtime, even client loss. Backup recovery can help you get back on your feet even when the most improbably hiccups occurat your company.

Even in the extremely unlikely event your office were to bestormed by coworkers decked head-to-toe in paintball gear, airsofts blazing — backup and data recovery can save the day.

Backup recovery is a tool designed to help your business not lose any ground when worse comes to worst, including a barrage of splattering paint pellets. This means that there is a specific plan of attack for your business to help you recover in the quickest way possible.

First Line of Defense

The first step to having a great backup and recovery plan is having preventative measures in place. While this includes backup generators and auto-saving servers, protecting your computer from an onslaught of paintballs can be as simple as making your work space into a cardboard fortress.

Your wall of boxes is your first line of defense from paint splatters, just like an auto saving server or regularly synced cloud storage protects your unsaved work from disappearing into the ether.

When Things Get Messy

Other forms of backup recovery include onsitestorage and cloud storage. Onsitestorage is when your business datais backed-up in your onsite facility. Cloud storage also protects your company, but stores data in the Cloud rather than onsite.This protects important business data in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

When the man-made disaster of an ambush paintball attack happens in your office, your data is protected, even if your computer is smashed and the servers get fried by wet paint in the chaos.

Drilling Away

A key component of a successful data recovery plan is making sure that it actually works before you ever need to use it. You can have the most intricate recovery plan in the world, but if you’ve never tested it, there’s nothing you can do when disaster happens in real time and the backup to your backup fails.

Just like double checking recovery methods, running drills and counterattacks can help protect you from coworkers hellbent on turning you and your workstation into a Pinterest canvas painting. Practicing your tuck-and-roll can save your favorite work shirt from a paint splatter, just like practicing recovery methods can save your company from the worst.

Call GroupOne for Your Backup Recovery Needs

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Written by Chris Wiegman