Dell Leading Social Innovation for EveryOne - GroupOne Consulting, Inc.

July 31st, 2014 / Blogs

GroupOne is proud to partner with Dell, the third leading manufacturer of PCs in the world. Not only is Dell a major computer manufacturer and a top seller of desktop and laptop computers, it’s a major leader in social innovation.

For seven years, the Dell Social Innovation Challenge has highlighted and supported entrepreneurs whose goals and ideas focused on solving urgent problems across the world. Over the years, Dell has supported social entrepreneurs from more than 100 countries to create a global impact with over 90 ventures like Daniel Paffenholz’s affordable and eco-friendly waste management services in Nairobi, Manoj Sinha’s affordable, eco-friendly Husk Power Systems in India, and Emma Clippinger’s and Emily Morell’s Gardens for Health for people with HIV/AIDS in Rwanda.


Dell’s Social Innovation Challenge has recently evolved into VerbU, an innovation machine that supports university students and new graduates across the world with social entrepreneurship competitions. By partnering with global companies, foundations, and governments, VerbU expands the original social innovation challenge that provided valuable opportunities for young entrepreneurs to win funding and get global exposure to encourage other organizations to sponsor social entrepreneurship support systems and competitions.

Social entrepreneurs can browse VerbU to see what their peer entrepreneurs are working on and get inspiration and new ideas from the incredible range of projects on VerbU’s website, as well as collaboration and mentoring support. VerbU’s members are a truly globally diverse group including members from the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Bangladesh, China, Kenya, Nigeria.

VerbU’s The Big C Competition, in collaboration with Livestrong, is an accelerator program focused on changing the way the world fights cancer by creating innovative solutions to improve the daily lives of those facing cancer.

From mobile games to help people manage cancer and other health conditions to digital peer support for children surviving cancer to patented smart pill bottles for improved medication adherence, VerbU’s innovators are working to improve the lives and outcomes for cancer sufferers the world over.

At GroupOne, we feel good that the technology and security Dell produces also supports and promotes social entrepreneurship, and you should too.

Written by Chris Wiegman