What’s the Future of IT? - GroupOne, IT for Everyone

October 10th, 2014 / Blogs

With the new iPhone 6 recently released and all the kerfluffle about Bendgate, we started thinking about the Future of IT. Greg Satell, DigitalTonto, has given it some thought as well. Here’s what he says is coming at IT soon:

  • No-touch interfaces – Apple’s Siri and Google Glass are just warm ups for the no-touch interfaces that are coming in the next ten years. Wearables, living services, the Internet of Things, smart materials, embedded tech – coming soon, very soon.
  • Native content – Original programming to grab unique eyeball time is where Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and HBO are all headed.
  • Massively online – Gaming, learning, and even politics are heading online, massively online, with MOOCs (massively online open courses), Ask Me Anything on Reddit, Code Academy, and multi-player games like World of Warcraft leading the charge.
  • The Web of things – Smart phones have put almost everything in touch with computers, soon to make computing something done everywhere anytime and not just at a desk in the office thanks to Near Field Communication and energy harvesting.
  • Consumer driven supercomputing – The next phase of computing combines natural language processing, Big Data, and cloud accessibility and has Google, Microsoft, and IBM falling all over themselves to get there first.

future and past on green road sign

Satell brings up the incredible disappearing computer, gradually (but picking up speed) fading into the Web of Things and no-touch interfaces. The future of IT looks like it will be more intuitive, less intrusive, more online and more in the cloud than ever. GroupOne’s ready. Are you?

Written by Chris Wiegman