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June 6th, 2010 / Blogs


Flat-Rate, State of the art – IT Management Services, “GroupOne Care

Folsom, California (June 6, 2010) – Group One, a Northern California firm known for its cutting-edge technology-related services, is pleased to introduce “GroupOne Care,” an automated IT monitoring service specifically designed to trim costs and maximize productivity for small and medium businesses.

GroupOne Care draws from the latest innovations in IT management, allowing Group One to remotely tap into each of its clients’ IT infrastructure through a secure web server. In doing so, they can proactively maintain each system with a high level of efficiency.

“What makes it proactive is that we can, from our office, see where problems are the second they show up,” said Group One CEO Chris Wiegman. “Often times we’ll actually be working on a problem before the client even knows it’s there. If there’s a virus attacking their system, we’re on it immediately.”

Because of the revolutionary simplicity built into GroupOne Care, Group One is able to offer its clients one of three affordable flat-rates, based on the size and needs of their organization.

“During these tough economic times, a flat-rate is a convenient necessity for business owners, it allows management to set a budget without having additional IT cost for unnecessary downtime,” said Wiegman. “For a set rate, we’ll provide the same high level of service, regardless of how many service requests we handle.”

In addition to being cost-effective, GroupOne Care is also eco-friendly, as it reduces service call-related emissions and cracks down on wasteful energy use on the client side.

“Of course, we won’t be on the road as much with 90 percent of our work being done remotely,” Wiegman said. “But it’s also energy efficient for our customers because we can monitor their power usage. If 30 of their employees leave for the day and forget to turn off their computers, we’ll turn them off for them.”

About Group One Consulting

Group One provides IT management and consulting services to wide array of businesses in the greater Sacramento area. In addition to remote and on-site support, GOC’s experts handle outsourcing, network security and special projects. The company’s partnership with leading manufacturers such as Microsoft, Dell, and Cisco gives them leveraged buying power that can be shared with clients looking to upgrade their equipment.


Written by Chris Wiegman