Managed IT Services Can Turn Your CAPEX to an OPEX

June 2nd, 2016 / Blogs

CAPEX and OPEX are more than just letters, they’re also acronyms. CAPEX is a business expense that incurs to create a possible benefit in the future. A capital expenditure is when a company invests money into a fixed asset or adds value to an existing asset with a useful life way beyond the tax year. OPEX is an expense that incurs in ordinary business operations. This includes sales, general, and administrative expenses that are used in the production process. Managed IT services are taking a favored approach toward OPEX rather than CAPEX because of the distinct advantages and positive impacts it is making on businesses.

Managed IT Service – The Big Idea

Your managed IT service provider should be your leader in information technology. They manage and assume responsibility to provide a high expectation of services set specifically for you. As they proactively monitor your infrastructure, they determine which services are needed to improve your business. Figuring out where to invest money can be strenuous, but truly deciding on where and how to spend money can be just as difficult. When you choose a proactive approach with managed IT services, rather than a break-fix IT department, you are investing in experts who deliver incredible service. They are dedicated in specialized areas that CAPEX can not “predict”. IT infrastructure needs are becoming less and less predictable because of the rapid advancement of information technology. Businesses are expanding their options because they can afford the newest updated version of technology without the dread of having to pay a heavy sum upfront. Now, organizations can focus on their basic needs and begin to transition their CAPEX investments to OPEX spending.

GroupOne’s Managed IT Services

Innovation is as important in customer service as it is in any other part of IT, and that is why GroupOne’s determines the pricing based not on how many features you select for your service, but on the number of computers, laptops, and servers in your system. GroupOne doesn’t divide our offerings into a bewildering menu so that clients are always adding one more feature to their plan. Instead, we carefully package what organizations really need into a few clearly defined set of options. Our managed IT services will be sure to save you money and turn your CAPEX to an OPEX in no time. Call today for a free consultation.

Written by Chris Wiegman