Are You Ready for Cloud Services? - GroupOne Consulting, Inc.

November 7th, 2014 / Blogs

Do you know all the passwords to your business systems and services? Do you know if they’re secure? Are you able to check on any transaction on your business systems at any time, or perform a thorough audit at will? Who is responsible for backup in your organization, and how are they doing it? If you don’t have the answers to these questions without scrambling, you are probably ready for cloud services.


Big Benefits

Kiplinger reporter John Miley says big savings in energy and software costs are just two of the benefits of moving systems to the cloud. Access from anywhere with any device means direct improvements in productivity and mobility. You may already be transacting business in the cloud if your accounting department sends payments online or your employees use Google Docs for project work. And at some point, you may need to move to the cloud to stay competitive.

Do More from Anywhere

Sharon Gaudin, reporting for ComputerWorld, says cloud computing lets small business owners get their work done from almost anywhere, while they’re doing things like waiting for theirs kids at tennis practice. Especially email and social media access. Financial data and access may not seem like such a great thing to work on while waiting in line at the grocery store or stopping for coffee on the way in to the office in the morning. If you have any questions about cloud computing, GoupOne can help you look at your existing systems and computing compared to cloud services.

GroupOne Cloud Services

GroupOne’s cloud services, CloudOne, help you manage your email, file sync and share, secure transactions, passwords and security, phone service, operational efficiency, website hosting, and more. We put the power back into your hands and let you control passwords, access, email, and anything else you need to, and we keep everything up to date with automatic back ups and security management. GroupOne’s cloud solutions like OneMail, OnePass, and OneFilter make it happen for you.

If you’re not sure about moving to the cloud, talk to us. We’ll help you understand it compared to your current systems and operations.

Written by Chris Wiegman