Simplify Your Life with the Best Online Backup

September 1st, 2016 / Blogs

Besides your people, the very essence of your entire business is your data. Without it, imagine trying to go on. Statistically, the odds are not in your favor: more than 60% of businesses fail within six months of a major data loss. That’s a frightening number ­– especially if confronted with the loss of your entire office. That’s why it’s imperative to equip your office with the best online backup available.

Online Backup Saves Your Data in A Disaster

Imagine it: you come to work one day to find your office . . . gone. Completely gone. Your hardware, your servers, even your desks and chairs – eradicated. Starting again from scratch seems impossible to some business owners. However, even if you lost everything else – how much easier would it be to carry on if all your business data were still intact – tucked safely away in a remote backup location? You could use insurance money to replace your lost equipment, download your data, and – wow – you’re back in business.

Retrieve Even One Corrupted File in Minutes

Sometimes, data loss doesn’t have to be massive to be terribly destructive. Imagine a very special file you and your team have worked on for months – maybe years ­– just to get it as perfect as possible. Then, one day, it can’t be opened. Did someone save it the wrong way?? Did the file just go corrupt?? In the long run, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that your file is lost. But with the best online backup supporting you, simply retrieve the most recent version of the file from backup, open it up, and get back to work.

GroupOne Can Set Your Business Up with the Best Online Backup

When dealing with something as important as your business data, we don’t use anything but the best. You need the very best online backup system available, and GroupOne can set it up in no time. Let’s talk about your needs, and discover how easy backing up your precious data can be.

Written by Chris Wiegman