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October 9th, 2019 / Blogs


GroupOne’s Cloud Computing Service gives you access anywhere, anytime, designed to meet the needs of your company.

Scaled to meet the needs of your business operations, and with features like anti-virus protection, safe backups, remote management, email hosting and management, and web filtering, GroupOne’s Cloud is the best cloud service to help maintain your operations.

In 2016, RightScale’s fifth annual State of the Cloud Survey found that cloud adoption is on the rise:

  • Private cloud adoption increased from 63% to 77% within the past year
  • 95% of respondents are now using the Cloud, up from 93% in 2015
  • Hybrid cloud adoption increased from 58% to 71% year-over-year

By utilizing the numerous benefits GroupOne’s Cloud has to offer, companies find they can access far more resources and experience a greater degree of convenience, without having to focus on the management of their information technology. Their expert staff handles the installation, implementation, and management of the cloud service in full.

These features offered by GroupOne’s Cloud will help your business thrive:

Custom-Made for Your Company

The best cloud service for your company is one that meets your business needs completely. Instead of adopting the setup provided by a generic and limited cloud offering, leverage the efficiency of a custom-built service– specific to your business.

GroupOne consults with you and analyzes your existing technology to create a cloud solution that meets your storage, memory, and processing capacity requirements, without over- or under-powering your particular solution.

Flexibility and scalability are hallmarks of a high-quality cloud service, so with GroupOne’s Cloud, you only pay for what you require. Whether your business is experiencing a slow period or an unexpected spike in demand, your cloud solution reacts to the natural fluctuations of your business needs.

“Companies with internal IT staff and management may prefer to establish settings and access configurations in-house, and GroupOne makes it easy for those clients to do so.”

Expert Help and Support

Every client can utilize the support and assistance of GroupOne’s expert staff. After your consultation, GroupOne will help you adopt the best cloud service practices for your needs, and continue to work with you to ensure that your Cloud suits your operations. As your company evolves, GroupOne is there to help, 24/7.

GroupOne is committed to providing excellent customer service, while also empowering clients with the level of self-service they need. Companies with internal IT staff and management may prefer to establish settings and access configurations in-house, and GroupOne makes it easy for those clients to do so.

A Commitment to Convenience

One of the many benefits of using a high-quality, customizable cloud solution, like GroupOne’s, is the convenience of accessing your company’s information securely, anytime, anywhere. Whether you are encouraging a remote workforce, bring your own device policies, or collaboration between different locations of one company, a cloud solution will work for you.

GroupOne recognizes that convenience is a significant benefit of using the Cloud – they work to keep your services as convenient as possible.

GroupOne is happy to work with their clients to build cloud solutions that promote convenient, safe and secure access. Their solution strikes the right balance between supporting remote accessibility and protecting the vital data that keeps your company going. You can rest assured that GroupOne’s Cloud does not sacrifice privacy or security, despite their commitment to convenience.

“We strike the right balance between allowing your staff to work from any location at any time and protecting the vital data that keeps your company going.”

Easy Data Recovery

Like any other insurance policy, companies should prepare for the unexpected, and one significant benefit of the GroupOne’s Cloud is the ease in restoring lost or damaged data. To prepare for large scale emergencies like natural disasters, or everyday complications like accidental deletions, every company should have a data recovery plan in place.

GroupOne appreciates the value of easy data recovery, as well as how important a quick recovery plan is to your continued business success. With GroupOne’s Cloud Service, you will benefit from its backup systems, designed to restore critical files whenever you need to do so.

GroupOne’s Innovative Cloud Offering

The optimal cloud solution is one that works seamlessly with the rest of your company’s processes, systems and goals. GroupOne tailors its offering to each client, ensuring your cloud is exactly what you want and need.

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all service, when your business is unique? GroupOne addresses the needs and goals of each client, using their experience, knowledge, and skill to the full in every case.

Get in touch with GroupOne today to discover the best cloud solution for your unique needs.

Written by Chris Wiegman