VOIP: Group One Has Your VOIP Technology Provider Solutions.

May 3rd, 2022 / City & Services Pages

When you’re trying to find VOIP services for your business, you’ll want to work with the best of the best VOIP providers. Using VOIP is simple, quick, and easy – but what is VOIP? How does VOIP work to help you, and why does your company need to have a VOIP system installed today?

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VOIP technology is short for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” VOIP is a technology that converts your voice into a digital signal. Between VOIP and landline phones, VOIP services allow your phone calls to be made over the Internet from a computer, a VOIP phone, or any other device. Using a VOIP phone can also help your business adapt to changing technological times – in the age of the Internet, instant chat messaging, and worldwide video calling; the landline phone is all but obsolete.

If your current system relies on a secretary to manage phone calls and take messages for customers, the auto-attendant feature of any VOIP system allows you to repurpose your company’s budget. While larger businesses may need human intervention in order to filter out spam and deal with hordes of customers, smaller businesses may find it hard to justify the cost of a secretary.

Making phone calls from anywhere also gives your company increased accessibility – no longer is the “work phone” a thing. A VOIP provider will instead enable you to use any device as a phone. Simply put, VOIP services are telephone services delivered via the Internet.

Our company has been helping businesses like yours thrive using the newest and most innovative VOIP services available. The best VOIP services come from our company’s dedication to improving the manner in which your employees and clients communicate. For the added benefits of convenience, accessibility, and cost savings; choose Group One for all of your VOIP solutions.

Written by Chris Wiegman