Why your business needs managed cybersecurity - GroupOne Consulting, Inc.

January 16th, 2020 / Blogs

Long gone are the days when your cybersecurity could be an afterthought. Thanks to increasingly sophisticated threats, you need to take every element of your business seriously.

If you’re lacking the resources required to step up your security in-house, now’s the time to start looking at a managed service provider. Before making your final decision, you should learn why your business needs managed cybersecurity and how it could benefit.

Round the clock care

According to Cynict.com, a hacker attack happens every 39 seconds and this affects one in three Americans every year. With such a high risk, constantly protecting your data should be the top priority. With round the clock care, the risk of your data being stolen is dramatically decreased.

Although you may struggle to continuously monitor your systems around the clock on your own, the right firm will not. With round the clock care, there’s a stronger chance that your business will remain safe against cybercriminals. Criminals don’t limit their operations to office hours alone, so your security systems shouldn’t rest either.

Real-time threat prevention

Not only are cyberattacks occurring around the clock, but they’re also becoming more severe too. One of the most serious threats to business is ransomware. As the name suggests, this malicious software holds your network for ransom. If businesses don’t pay the specifically requested sum within a certain period, the bad actor may delete the stolen data, causing disaster for business owners.

A massive loss of data will cost your company, big time. Globally, this tactic is set to cause $20-billion worth of damage by the year 2021. Real-time threat prevention measures identify vulnerabilities and threats and address them before the damage is done. This is a much more effective strategy than responding to threats after they’ve occurred, as it keeps your systems safe in the here and now. If you’re not able to provide real-time threat prevention, a dedicated MSP can do the job for you.

Security awareness training

Your employees are among your biggest assets when it comes to keeping your systems secure. Unfortunately, they can also be your biggest vulnerability. Employees who aren’t aware of best practices may inadvertently lose your data or introduce a new threat. Because of this, you need to do what you can to train them in safe and responsible operations.

If you don’t feel as though you have the skills required to deliver awareness training yourself, ask an MSP to do the job for you. A great MSP will look at current gaps in your workforce’s knowledge. From there, the MSP’s team will educate your employees in order to fill those gaps. In addition to educating your current employees en-masse, you should provide direct, one-on-one training to those who are new to your company or who are moving into different roles. These can be serious weak points for an organization.

MSPs are experts when it comes to managing cybersecurity risks. They’re capable of delivering round the clock services, which means your security defenses won’t weaken when your offices close, and can detect and respond to threats before any malicious action is made. When you recognize the need to train your employees in excellent security practices, an MSP can do the work for you. All you need to do is find a company that is a great fit for your business.

Written by Chris Wiegman