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May 3rd, 2022 / City & Services Pages

Are you looking for the best managed services and IT solutions Bakersfield has to offer? You’re in luck – our managed IT solutions team is here to offer you the best customer support available no matter what your technology issue happens to be. Industry-leading knowledge and expertise exhibited by our team of experts keeps office productivity high, prevents loss of time, and keeps your mind at ease. We offer VOIP phone service, cloud services, data security, vendor and equipment management, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and services, and how a full service IT company can help save you time and money.

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Managed IT SupportServices For YourBakersfield Business

Group One Consulting provides Managed ITServicesto Bakersfield, CA

Whether you needcloudbackups, network infrastructure, desktop support help or even just a bit of a veteran IT consultant’sknowledgeand experience, we come to the rescue. Simply let us takecareof all the hard work for you. Themanagement of software, hardware, computers, printers,electronicsand otherequipmentis ourpassion(and we want you to focus onbusinessmanagement). Theburdenof downnetworks or systems,or cybersecurity issuesshouldn’t be on your shoulders.

No matter what, if you have aquestionyou can open a supportticketwith any member of our technicalteam of experts24/7/365 – we work everydayof the year because we know that thegrinddoesn’t stop when theholidaysstart. Open and clearcommunicationwith ourclientsis what helps set us apart.

We know that receiving the right IT solutions can make ahuge differencein the way yourbusinesslooks and feels to your customers. That’s why we offer widespread informationtechnologysupport for allkindsof computerequipment– Mac, Windows, and other Microsoftcomputersare all compatible with our team’s collective skill.


Managed IT solutions we offer toBakersfieldbusinessesinclude:

  • IT Consulting. Get aroadmapcreated so your ITservicesgrow with your company.
  • Cloud Computing SolutionsAndCloud Backup Solutions. Your own private andsecure cloud serversfor offsite backupstorage
  • Dynamics Nav Hosting.Highly customizable, cost-effective hosting, easily accessible from the cloud.
  • Secure Data Storage. Our datacenterswill keep yourbusinessandclient data safeand secure, with over 99.99% uptime, top of the line security, andmonitoringof potentialsecurity issues.
  • VOIPPhoneService.VoIP servicesallow you to take phonecommunicationto the Internet, instead of being confined to a landline connection. This move allows yourbusinesstoleveragefeatures that improve call reliability, enhances your efficiency, and simplifies mobility.
  • Exceptional Service. You’ll havepeace of mindknowing that wecareas much about yourcompanyas you do. We know howvaluable timeis, so your problems will be solved as quick as possible by our friendly, knowledgablecustomer serviceexperts.

Your VOIPPhone,


And DataSecurityServices Team

That means we’re on your side to give you the competitivebusinessadvantage you know you want and deserve. Achieving thiscompetitive advantageinvolves making sure that all of your technologicalequipmentworks, because an office can’t be run because of ITsecurity issues,communicationbyphoneis spotty, and the clunky decade-old desktop computer you purchased along with your office building is starting to smell like crispy metal.

If you’re interested in hiring the best managed IT services and solutions in Bakersfield, give us a call at 916-817-8877 today. We’ll be the IT department that keeps cost in mind and your goal in mind.

You can open a supportticketwith one of ourteammembers and have your issue fixed within hours! Don’t wait – iftechnologyissuesare plaguing your business’ profit margin, reach out viaemailorphoneand learn how we can help you.

Group One
13405FolsomBlvd Suite 511,

Folsom, CA 95630,United States


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Written by Chris Wiegman