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Life's too short to work with people you don't like or trust.


Real, honest, compassionate, and dedicated.

Thanks for considering us to be your next Managed IT Services Provider. First, please know that we are real. See that background image? That's our real office. See that dog? That's Maverick. He's a real good boy.

Our team is made up of brilliant IT professionals, who are also compassionate communicators. That means we all speak your language - the language of business, and we're never condescending or preachy.

We also love to laugh and have fun. We find keeping things light-hearted at times can help us all be more innovative when it's time to get serious. Sound good? Great, reach out and let's talk about your business and how we can help.

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In person, and on-site. That's how we'll engage.

To get started, we'll conduct an on-site audit of your business, your goals, and your pain points. You'll then receive our custom solutions package that includes everything we'll do to help improve your operations, growth, and compliance.

You'll get a full presentation of that package, and you'll have your questions answered as we collaborate with you to ensure everything is a perfect fit.

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Meet our wise and humble leaders:

Chris Wiegman

Co-founder, CEO

I am deeply passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. I've led GroupOne from a start-up to an industry leader, and in that time, built a team of thoughtful, creative, and driven professionals who are respected by our peers and adored by our clients.

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Turino Fuad

Co-founder, CFO

I've been in international finance for over 30 years. It's my job at GroupOne to apply my extensive experience and expertise and guide our day-to-day and strategic fiscal operations. That means overseeing accounting, finance, and strategic financial planning.

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Sean Dugan


I've been focused on operational and customer-centric leadership for over 20 years. My day-to-day responsibilities at GroupOne include analyzing customer data, improving our processes using that data, and stewarding the evolution of our team culture.

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