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June 4th, 2024 / Sacramento IT

More and more businesses are moving to cloud computing options to support remote working capabilities, such as file sharing, to save the costs and complications of physical servers. If you're looking to move to cloud hosting or debating whether or not it's time to move from physical infrastructure to remote cloud hosting, trust our experienced technicians to guide you through the process. We specialize in cloud computing solutions and are Sacramento's leading experts when it comes to cloud technologies. Start the discussion today with one of GroupOne IT's friendly technicians.

How We Can Help Your Company

There are massive advantages of remote working capabilities alone, which are hugely beneficial to modern companies using cloud hosting solutions but it doesn't end there. Businesses that making use of this have increased on-demand data scalability. If your company grows and suddenly needs more storage, it's a simple fix, whereas a physical server would take much more time and money to upgrade.

The environment also can minimize the number and intensity of system crashes. These servers work to reduce general technological sluggishness and network problems. By moving your networking to a this technology, your business gets to make use of the increased speed and technological solutions available. This, in turn, can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

By assisting your company's workflow, customer service, and bottom line. We know that every company is different and you might be wondering how cloud hosting services might help your bottom line. We have extensive experience helping Sacramento businesses access the right cloud solutions for their needs. Call us today to start the conversation and initiate an assessment to help determine which virtual server technologies are best suited for your business.

GroupOne IT Offers the Best Virtual Services for Sacramento Businesses

With more and more options available, such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Cloud, and third-party data centers, trying to research the best technology options on the market can be staggering. It's ever-evolving and difficult to stay on top of when you already have many other business responsibilities. And maintaining access control of your dedicated server is important. We do the legwork for you so that you can trust we've provided the best computing solutions for Sacramento businesses. We offer custom servers designed to meet the specific needs of your business. We’ll set up your servers to work best for your unique business needs.

Benefits of Virtual Server Computing Solutions

Every minute counts in today's economy, and your data can instantly be available for your staff with the proper data servers. There's no sluggish hardware to slow down your processes. Everything about the cloud is faster than traditional physical network solutions. When you're ready to expand your capacity or storage, you can do so with the click of a button. It's as easy as that. One unique benefit is that in the event of a workplace emergency or catastrophe, your operations will be accessible and unaffected once you can get access to Wi-Fi. We work hard to ensure that your systems will not fail, even in the event of infrastructure damage. If a problem occurs, we keep all of your vital applications and systems running smoothly by pooling resources from other areas of your server if necessary. This benefit is uniquely available to service users all at a fraction of the cost of alternative storage solutions.

Why Virtual Solutions for Remote Work

These VPS solutions have revolutionized the ways employees are able to work effectively. Not only can your staff work from their offices but they can work from home or abroad just as easily. Even if you have a collaborative project underway while some members of your team are traveling for business, cloud tech enables each of your staff members to continue their work with instant access to what each other are doing. Even in-office, IT solutions enable your staff to work much more productively in collaboration than with traditional networks. In addition to increasing your team's productivity, virtual hosting also broadens your opportunities for expanding your team. You can hire experienced team members to add to your staff even if they aren't located right in your headquarter city. Don't wait, call one of our experienced technicians today to discuss how we can help your company seamlessly move your data to a cloud environment.

How Secure Are These Environments?

There are some key security benefits to transitioning to a cloud storage system. Typically, the storage site itself of the cloud servers is largely inaccessible, thereby reducing the risks of a physical threat. Perhaps more importantly, files stored on cloud servers are encrypted as an added layer of protection to shield from threats to security. These advanced security measures of end-to-end encryption essentially mean your data text is changed into illegible code (like a different language) so that no third party--good or ill-intentioned--can access your data unless they have the key (likely a password) to decipher the encrypted information.

Most, if not all, virtual hosting providers use strong encryption and security measures but there are some that do it better than others. Our dedicated team of technicians will create a platform just for you. We provide the self-service and scalability features of other cloud computing solutions but with much greater security.

Compliance to industry certifications and standards

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Industry-leading security protocols
  • Strong, multi-industry relationships and partnerships
  • Offering the best technologies available
    • These are just a handful of the areas we take pride in excelling in. Our services are second to none and can help elevate your business operations today.

What Service Fees Can I Expect?

Ultimately, these solutions cost less than physical infrastructures because you're not incurring the costs of hardware for upgrades, maintenance, or repair. The exact costs will vary based on your company's needs. For a fraction of what you would normally pay for managed cloud services, you can get all of the networking benefits and capabilities our cloud services offer. Our unique pricing model helps ensure transparency and fair costs so you pay for exactly the services you need and nothing more. Contact us today to discuss your company's cloud support needs. For an accurate estimate please book a cloud consultation call so we can know your business better.

How Difficult Is It to Migrate Company Data?

All of our staff are highly skilled and experienced. Whether you want to move to cloud services for networking, hosting, email on-site or remote, or more, we can tailor a solution to your business. For many established businesses, the idea of migrating invaluable data can be a deterrent. We have on-staff network engineers ready to do all the heavy lifting for you. Our expert team of technicians can painlessly and seamlessly migrate your data to the cloud environment. No need to worry about service interruptions or struggling through a data migration on your own. Leave it in our capable hands.

Contact GroupOne IT

If cloud computer technology seems intimidating or you're concerned about lost data while transitioning from physical resources to cloud computing options, we can help. Our team of experienced technicians have helped countless Sacramento businesses seamlessly transport their data to cloud-based applications.

We work to upgrade your networking and speed capabilities, manage your most important data within off-site servers (in the event of a natural disaster, this will protect your information), and implement strict cybersecurity features designed to ward off phishers and hackers – they'd love to steal your data, but we won't let them. We offer easy, seamless cloud service migration for a small monthly fee and a big return on your investment.

Never lose a file or suffer through a network outage again. Reach out today!

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