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August 22nd, 2014 / Blogs

Years of experience with growth has led GroupOne to believe that thorny, tangled problems – the kinds of problems that seem almost insoluble – usually just require a bold solution. Sometimes it takes a wise outside advisor to point in the right direction.


Many organizations find themselves outgrowing their hardware, and /or the physical space the hardware requires. Maybe operations have outpaced the architecture. Maybe business continuity has become such an issue that the existing back-up and disaster recovery plan just isn’t adequate. Even if you could launch a giant new infrastructure project, where would you fit it? Who in your organization could you spare to learn all of the new intricacies? Sometimes all of these problems and more happen all at once.

CloudOne, the cloud services package from GroupOne, is the right decision for many organizations who have outgrown the nest of their early IT infrastructure. For many other ventures, right at the point where they begin to think seriously about virtualization, they might as well consider a cloud-based solution that grows with them and provides instant data coordination and immediate recovery.

Additionally, CloudOne, as part of a package of managed service, will address a number of challenges all growing organizations face – which also happen to be challenges all organizations that want to grow ought to be ready for:

  • Ease of implementation and management saves labor. Losing time for infrastructure upgrades is an old-business problem. Hit the ground running faster than when you jumped.
  • Unity and consistency in a virtualized operations environment for users in multiple locations with mobile capabilities is the future. Will you wait for your next upgrade to get there?
  • Easier integration of personal devices helps new people join your organization and empowers existing team members to work with greater flexibilty.
  • Reliable service at a low monthly rate that allows your staff to focus on what you hired them for is what managed IT is all about.

The big bold idea is just this: many organizations that start out nimble and light expect to grow into giant clunky infrastructure requirements, as if “arriving” necessarily meant a warehouse full of servers and an army of IT specialists to go with them; many established enterprises are so wed to their hardware that they assume upgrading means replacing each component with a more impressive next-generation incarnation – but what if an acknowledged expert in managed IT solutions could show you a simpler, cleaner, more efficient way to do business that would allow you gain greater operational flexibility and personal peace of mind, and the only thing you’d be asked to trade in is your old way of doing things?

At GroupOne, when a client outgrows the nest, we don’t build them a bigger nest. We give them wings.

Written by Chris Wiegman