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May 3rd, 2022 / City & Services Pages

As a company grows, there are more processes and routines needed to keep everything and everyone in check. Cybersecurity often gets moved to the back burner and it isn’t until there are costly cyber attacks that a company looks at its cyber security controls.

This is partly because a lot of companies don’t know where to start with their approach to cybersecurity. Partnering with security specialists like GroupOne will give you everything you need for advanced cybersecurity coverage at a reasonable price.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services in Citrus Heights

GroupOne’s team of cybersecurity experts get to know you and your Citrus Heights company so we can provide toptier cybersecurity solutions tailored to your needs and individual business goals. Our reliable services give you peace of mind as you run your company and maximize revenue.

We make this a seamless transition with a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment. We evaluate your current network security and set you up for infrastructure improvements. We work with you to develop your security strategies and offer cybersecurity solutions for any unique cybersecurity issues that your company has.

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Overlooked Security Threats

One of the reasons that companies haven’t taken proper cybersecurity measures is because they aren’t aware of the risks. You need to first know what you are protecting against in order to know what needs protecting. Then of course you need to have security defenses and strategies to do that.

There are a variety of cyber threats to be aware of:

  • web-based attacks
  • ransomware attacks
  • social media and phishing attacks
  • malware infection
  • cross-site sculpting
  • compromised and stolen devices

This is the information that needs cybersecurity protection against hackers:

  • customer records
  • business correspondence information
  • information about Intellectual property
  • financial information
  • customer credit card
  • debit card information
  • employee records

Mapping out a plan to accomplish this can be daunting without a security expert. It is easy to let aspects fall through the cracks without you realizing it. A security breach will not only cost your company lost revenue but it will also take away your good reputation.

Protect Your Reputation with Security Services

When your customers and clients learn their information is no longer safe with you, they will be gone. You have a reputation for being reliable based on your past successful business. Just one mistake can take all of that away.

A security breach will set a company back for months. Some small businesses never recover from the losses. Cybersecurity services focus on proactive solutions so that you never get to this place. We also develop a plan for if anything does happen long before it does so that we can minimize the damage.

Business Continuity with Quality IT Services

The benefit from tech support that a company experiences goes beyond cybersecurity strategies. When you improve your systems and procedures to be more secure, you are also working with professionals who will make them more efficient and minimize costly downtime for your employees.

When you have the right technology and systems you will gain a competitive edge by maximizing your business continuity and minimizing expensive downtime.

GroupOne’s Cybersecurity Solutions for Citrus Heights

Within 48 hours of partnering with us, we will be in person at your location setting up security tools and anti-virus software. Over the next month, we will review your systems and processes. We have worked with many companies and we know what works. We have tried and true processes and systems so that we don’t let anything get pushed to the back burner.

Our cybersecurity expert consultant team will then work with you to create long-term strategies to help you map and budget your next steps. We continue to monitor your systems and take care of any issues before they become a big problem. We will be the quiet support that you need as your business grows.

There will no longer be confusion around your technology and cyber security. We keep all reports, assessments, and procedures clear and organized so you and your team are on the same page working towards success.

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Written by Chris Wiegman