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  • 5 Tips To Avoid Getting Hacked Like MGM


    Chris Wiegman



    Following the recent cyberattack that cost the MGM casino an estimated $100 Million dollars, here are my top 5 tips to help your company avoid getting hacked like MGM:

Tip #1: Any time you get a suspicious call from another employee, say you'll call them back on their primary contact number. This simple method alone could have prevented the entire MGM catastrophe.

Tip #2: Have your IT Staff choose a secret word that only they know. Maybe it's related to an inside joke they have, or it's connected to something that happened in their department recently. Whatever it is, it should be easy for them to remember, and hard for others to guess.

Tip #3: Don't answer calls from unknown numbers. This will be especially effective now that the FCC is closing a loophole that until now has been giving robocallers easy access to US phone numbers. Here's more on that FCC loophole getting closed if you're curious.

Tip #4: Don't provide personally identifiable information over the phone. Ever. That includes your name, address, telephone number, email address, social security number, or any other identifying number or code.

Tip #5: When you get a call, don't press buttons or respond to prompts, hang up if anything seems suspicious, and in general, trust your instincts!

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