Why Go to the Cloud? - GroupOne, IT for Everyone.

November 21st, 2014 / Blogs

By now, you’ve heard from a hundred different sources that moving your operations to the cloud will save you money. But have you heard that it will help you develop products and provide services faster? And help you go green? Or that it produces measurable benefits that pay for themselves?


Today’s chameleon economy and advancing technology make speed in business a competitive advantage that can be a deal breaker in many industries. Gaming is just one of those industries, and Kuma Games knows that speed is the defining quality of online games to attract and keep users.They use a cloud solution to deliver immersive 3-D gaming experiences to users all over the globe. If they couldn’t scale the way the cloud enables them to, they’d lose their customer base and drop back a few levels in their own game.


If aging servers require replacement in your company’s near future but part of your vision and mission is going green, cloud operations will get you there and help you avoid a large capital investment. Cloud computing lets your business reduce its carbon footprint by only using the server space you need when you need it. With no server equipment, companies can cut their energy use and reduce emissions by 90 percent according to the Carbon Disclosure Project. You are not using energy to power, cool, and maintain equipment when you use cloud resources.


Cloud computing produces value, benefit, costs, and return on investment that is measurable and pays for themselves according to IT Business Edge. An example of this is comparing the cost of buying new servers that depreciate quickly over their total useful life to the monthly maintenance costs of cloud services with no depreciation. Another way cloud services are measurable, as Glassdoor, MapMyFitness, and Bitlancer know first hand from their moves to the cloud producing almost immediate measurable increases in network utilization and performance.

If you want to know about all the benefits of moving operations to the cloud, talk to us. Call today and we’ll explain the benefits of using the cloud beyond cost savings.

Written by Chris Wiegman