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May 2nd, 2021 / Blogs

As a business grows, so does its equipment. The more computers and devices a company has the more spread out the programs and information become. Unless you have your computers networked together.

Computer networking is a group of computers that are configured together while not necessarily in the same physical location. When your computers are connected, the transmitted data between the computers make for more seamless communications and operations across the company.

It’s also very cost-effective as it allows computers to share hardware and software licenses, cutting back on those company expenses.

Benefits of Computer Networking in Business

File sharing allows for improved communications on a cohesive network. Consistency across individual computers with a central database creates cohesive operating systems. The benefits for business are larger storage capacity, effective communication, flexibility, and saving money on the costs of software.

Large Storage Capacity

With computer networking, your critical files are all a part of central file servers. Your employees can access these files and learn from the data for improved business operations. A central server lowers the number of storage systems you need for the company’s data. You gain storage space with an increase in employee productivity with access to files.

Improved Business Communication

Information is the basis of communication. Modern networking allows the transfer of information in real-time anywhere with internet access. When your team has access to network files from any device you have more flexibility with remote workers and employees that need to work outside of the office.

The more information available to employees, the more independently they can work. Downtime is a revenue killer. Network access to employees creates the company growth needed to reach long-term business goals.

If you have any issue with one device, you can access your information when you log into another device. This creates network security where you don’t have to worry about losing critical files.

Flexibility and Convenience

Access to information through the network cuts down on steps that employees take to get the information they need for their daily tasks. When computers aren’t connected you need to transfer files through a USB drive or messages.

With computer sharing employees can take files from any other connected computer as if it were on their own. This speeds up the daily tasks of your employees and creates a very functional workflow.

Cost Benefits of Computer Networking

A quality computer network allows for resource sharing across devices. You will need less hardware when your computers are connected and hardware is pricey equipment. Employees won’t need separate printers or backup storage when their computers are connected.

You won’t need to install as many software updates and employees can share document scanning software. The ability to share technology assets among employees is one of the biggest cost benefits of this networking solution.

Networked Versions of Software

Buying software for every computer and device isn’t the most cost effective way to get your employees the tools that they need. Many software companies offer versions of their software that were made for networks. This way you can purchase a single license for the product you need. You can then have it running on the central server that the individual computers are connected to.

This puts an end to carrying around a USB drive and trading it with the next employee that needs the license. When you have a team of people with access to the tools they need, you have an efficient team of self-starters.

Improved Customer Service

When your employees have access to company information they are better able to serve customers and clients. They can pull up all the information they need on the customer and provide answers to their questions quickly. They can also add information about the customer into the system so that other employees can be updated in real-time.

The Perfect Network Needs to Be Done Right

There are many benefits to computer networking. There are also areas of this network type that need attention to make sure your systems are safe and promote business growth.

Choosing the Best Computer Networking Method

There are a lot of options for your networking system and an IT provider can help you make the best decision for your individual company. More freedom comes with modern computer networking, and you no longer have as many restrictions over what hardware is compatible with the network.

This way you can have different operating systems across a variety of devices. You can have equipment from different providers working together with one central server.

Network Security

When your computers are connected they could be open to more cyber threats. When you have one computer that has an issue it can spread to the rest. Corrupt files are not isolated when you have computer networking.

This is not a problem when you have IT support to keep your system as a whole safe. IT consulting will give you all of the information you and your employees need to keep your company data safe. Employees may exchange corrupt files when they don’t know how to recognize and avoid these incidents.

Proper training of employees will keep your company data safe while remaining accessible to promote employee productivity. Company security policies are crucial for a company of any size.

GroupOne provides custom IT security plans to protect your company. We get to know you and your business goals to create technology strategies for the growth stage of your company. We know how important company efficiency is and we help provide you with the most cost effective computer networking and support needed to grow a successful business.

Written by Chris Wiegman