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Solving your software & security challenges so you can focus on your clients.

  • Feeling the pressure of juggling IT support alongside your billable hours? Say hello to streamlined efficiency and enhanced security.

    Our tailored IT management solutions simplify processes, manage and maintain all the different versions of your tax software applications, and ensure the security of your clients’ information.

    From Quickbooks to Lacerte to TaxTools, we manage them all. Experience peace of mind with seamless technology integration, ensuring your sensitive client data remains protected. Embrace modern IT solutions designed specifically for accounting firms like yours.

    Whether your offices are in Sacramento or El Paso, or anywhere in the continental US, our vast network of IT support experts will be available and on-site when you need us.

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Why Choose GroupOne IT

Transform your accounting firm with our expert managed IT services. Boost efficiency and security while focusing on what matters most - your clients.

• Billable hours are a business driver
• Time is money, so uptime is essential
• Rely on Quickbooks, Lacerte, TaxTools
• Frequent file transfers with clients
• Client info is extremely sensitive

• Laborious to onboard new clients/CPAs
• Disruptive tech support issues
• Clients use outdated tax app versions
• Cumbersome, insecure filesharing
• Lost, stolen, or ransomed client data

• Provide IT Support for the whole team
• Streamline onboarding via Consulting
• Migrate tax apps to the Cloud
• Pick a fileshare platform via Consulting
• Implement a full Cybersecurity plan

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See why Daniel and others trust GroupOne for their IT needs

Daniel Andersen

Co-founder, CFP

Parkshore Wealth Management

When we founded our firm back in 2008, GroupOne was our first professional relationship. As we have grown, GroupOne has demonstrated an understanding of our size, limitations, and unique business requirements. Their team meticulously analyzed our existing systems and implemented tailored solutions that streamlined our IT operations.

Our partnership with GroupOne IT has been instrumental in our growth and stability. Their unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, coupled with their fast, thorough, and comprehensive service, has elevated our operational capabilities and positioned us for continued success in the dynamic landscape of financial advisory services. We wholeheartedly recommend GroupOne IT to any organization seeking reliable and proactive IT support tailored to their specific needs.

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Spencer Johnson

Director Of Facilities & IT

Peach Tree Health

GroupOne IT has been an outstanding partner. They implemented our technology road map and coordinated everything to ensure we have a resilient and stable network.

GroupOne exceeded our expectations during the onboarding process, which we knew would be challenging. They were well-prepared to address our concerns and back-end issues during the transition process.

Their commitment to providing excellent service reduced stress for me and my whole team. They helped me make smarter budgeting decisions, resulting in lower overhead costs and less headaches.

We value our relationship with GroupOne and look forward to a long and fruitfull partnership with them.

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Susie Davies



GroupOne IT has been providing IT Managed Services for our nonprofit org since 2010. The longevity of this relationship alone is a testament to how well they've taken care of all our IT needs.

GroupOne provided us with cutting edge phone systems, cyber security, networks, servers, desktop computers, all with minimal disruption to our business operations.

I encourage you to check out the rest of GroupOne's website and read about their story and all the facets of their operations. I did when I first found them, and I can tell you everything they said was true.

If you're looking for the best IT consulting firm, these are the people to call.

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IT Support For Accounting Firms

Our Managed IT services for accounting firms can streamline operations, enhance security, and improve efficiency. By outsourcing IT management to experts familiar with accounting practices' unique needs, firms can focus on their core business while ensuring reliable technology support.

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Cybersecurity Services For Accounting Firms

At GroupOne IT, cybersecurity services for accounting firms are paramount. In today's digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive financial data is non-negotiable. Our tailored solutions not only shield firms from cyber threats but also ensure compliance with industry regulations like the SEC and Consumer Privacy Acts. Prioritizing managed services that emphasize cybersecurity helps firms avoid potential lawsuits, fines, and reputational damage. Trust and integrity are paramount, which is why our measures not only safeguard data but also guarantee adherence to state laws and industry standards. Additionally, our clients benefit from a rigorous training program covering phishing, ransomware, social engineering, password security, and more. We implement multi-factor authentication systems and conduct monthly phishing email tests to bolster employee awareness and resilience against cyber threats.

Compliance Solutions For Accounting Firms

We excel in ensuring accounting compliance through custom solutions that prioritize both data security and regulatory alignment. Cybersecurity threats pose a significant risk to accounting firms, potentially causing operational hiccups, eroding client trust, and incurring substantial penalties.

Upholding SEC compliance and adhering to Consumer Privacy Acts are paramount to safeguarding sensitive data. Our managed IT services empower accounting practices to fortify their cybersecurity defenses and navigate compliance mandates seamlessly.

IT Consulting For Accounting Firms

Stay ahead in the fast-paced world of accounting with our specialized IT consulting services tailored for accounting firms. In today's landscape, cybersecurity and compliance are top priorities, making expert IT consulting a strategic investment for your firm's success. Our team provides customized solutions to bolster your security defenses, ensuring you're well-equipped to combat cyber threats and meet regulatory requirements. From optimizing IT infrastructure to safeguarding sensitive data, our managed IT services fortify your operations and protect your client information. Partner with us to proactively address cybersecurity challenges, minimize risks, and streamline your IT processes to industry standards. Trust us to enhance your operational resilience and regulatory adherence, allowing you to focus on serving your clients with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Managed IT Services Help Accounting Firms Improve Their Cybersecurity Measures to Protect Sensitive Client Data?

A: Yes, managed IT services can enhance cybersecurity for accounting firms by safeguarding sensitive client data. Proactive monitoring, regular updates, and advanced security measures help mitigate risks and ensure protection against cyber threats in real-time.

All GroupOne IT cybersecurity clients go through a rigorous training program where all employees learn about phishing, ransomware, social engineering, password security and much more. Your employees learn to use multi-factor authorization systems and are sent monthly phishing emails to test if they would be fooled.

Q: How Do IT Support Services for Accounting Firms Ensure Seamless Integration of New Software and Technologies Into Existing Systems?

A: Multiple tax softwares with multiple versions require an IT Managed Service Provider who can seamlessly integrate them all. When integrating new software and technologies into existing systems, embrace adaptability and teamwork. Be open to change, remain calm, strategize, and collaborate to find the best solutions. Together, tackle challenges with confidence.

Q: What Role Does Disaster Recovery Planning Play in Managed IT Services for Accounting Firms to Ensure Business Continuity in Case of Unexpected Events?

A: Disaster recovery planning is vital in managed IT services, ensuring business continuity in unexpected events. Stay proactive by strategizing for potential disruptions, minimizing downtime, safeguarding data and trust in your backups. Your IT partner should guide you through this critical aspect seamlessly.

Q: Can Managed IT Services Help Accounting Firms Streamline Their Internal Processes and Increase Operational Efficiency to Drive Business Growth?

A: You can boost efficiency and drive growth with managed IT services. Streamline internal processes, enhance operational effectiveness, and focus on business expansion. Embrace change, work collaboratively, and tackle challenges head-on as a team for success.


In conclusion, GroupOne IT offers customized IT support and management solutions specifically designed for accounting practices.

With a focus on cybersecurity, compliance, and innovation, you can trust that your firm's IT infrastructure is in good hands.

Join a community of dedicated professionals who prioritize integrity and continuous improvement to help your accounting practice thrive in today's technology-driven world.

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