Making your CAD & PM software fast and available from anywhere.

  • Your architecture firm may be struggling with unreliable access to CAD files, hindering project progress.

    CAD files are the lifeblood of your business, and seamless access is crucial for efficiency.

    Our Managed IT Services offer a robust solution to keep your CAD files secure, remotely accessible and allow you to easily share large files with vendors and subcontractors. With tailored support, we optimize software performance and streamline file sharing, empowering your firm to thrive.

    Whether your offices are in Sacramento or El Paso, or anywhere in the continental US, our vast network of IT support experts will be available and on-site when you need us.

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Why Choose GroupOne IT

Our Managed IT Services for architecture firms make your CAD and PM software fast and available, while enhancing security, and improving efficiency.

• CAD files are the core of the business
• Reliance on PM & CAD desktop software
• Sharing files with Vendor/Subcontractor
• Sometimes working onsite in job trailors
• A variety of "personality challenges"

• Lost or corrupted CAD files
• Key apps inaccessible outside office
• Cumbersome, insecure filesharing
• Limited internet access at job sites
• Disruptive tech support issues

Cloud file server w/ backup & restore
• Migrate key apps to the Cloud
• Pick a fileshare platform via Consulting
• Custom job site WiFi via Consulting
• Provide IT Support for all team members

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See why Jai and others trust GroupOne for their IT needs

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Daniel Andersen

Co-founder, CFP

Parkshore Wealth Management

When we founded our firm back in 2008, GroupOne was our first professional relationship. As we have grown, GroupOne has demonstrated an understanding of our size, limitations, and unique business requirements. Their team meticulously analyzed our existing systems and implemented tailored solutions that streamlined our IT operations.

Our partnership with GroupOne IT has been instrumental in our growth and stability. Their unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, coupled with their fast, thorough, and comprehensive service, has elevated our operational capabilities and positioned us for continued success in the dynamic landscape of financial advisory services. We wholeheartedly recommend GroupOne IT to any organization seeking reliable and proactive IT support tailored to their specific needs.

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Spencer Johnson

Director Of Facilities & IT

Peach Tree Health

GroupOne IT has been an outstanding partner. They implemented our technology road map and coordinated everything to ensure we have a resilient and stable network.

GroupOne exceeded our expectations during the onboarding process, which we knew would be challenging. They were well-prepared to address our concerns and back-end issues during the transition process.

Their commitment to providing excellent service reduced stress for me and my whole team. They helped me make smarter budgeting decisions, resulting in lower overhead costs and less headaches.

We value our relationship with GroupOne and look forward to a long and fruitfull partnership with them.

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Susie Davies



GroupOne IT has been providing IT Managed Services for our nonprofit org since 2010. The longevity of this relationship alone is a testament to how well they've taken care of all our IT needs.

GroupOne provided us with cutting edge phone systems, cyber security, networks, servers, desktop computers, all with minimal disruption to our business operations.

I encourage you to check out the rest of GroupOne's website and read about their story and all the facets of their operations. I did when I first found them, and I can tell you everything they said was true.

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Managed IT Services

Transform your architecture firm with our managed IT services. Streamline operations, enhance security, and boost productivity. Get a free consultation today!

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Software Licensing Management

Discover how our cutting-edge software management solutions empower architects to streamline their licensing needs, ensuring full compliance and optimal utilization. Architects grapple with juggling multiple software packages, like essential CAD tools, vital for their architectural projects.

The challenge lies in avoiding pitfalls such as lost files, corrupted data, and restricted access to key applications beyond the office premises. Our centralized software licensing management systems offer a seamless way to track licenses, guarantee compliance, and maximize software efficiency.

Cloud Computing For Architecture Firms

Discover how our cutting-edge cloud solutions can revolutionize collaboration and efficiency for architecture firms. Our managed IT services cater specifically to the architecture industry, ensuring seamless integration of cloud computing into your workflow.

With a focus on data security and scalable storage options, our solutions address the challenges of handling large design files and streamlining project management. By embracing cloud computing, architecture professionals can access, share, and store files securely, enhancing collaboration with team members, subcontractors, and clients.

Experience the benefits of simplified communication and improved productivity with our tailored cloud services. Say goodbye to cumbersome file management and hello to a more efficient way of working with our innovative cloud computing solutions.

Cyber Security For Architecture Firms

It is important to safeguard your architecture firm's network and data. Our customized solutions adeptly tackle the unique network security challenges encountered by architecture firms, spanning seamless wifi coverage on expansive job sites, efficient management of large file sharing, and critical software like AutoCAD.

A robust IT infrastructure serves as the cornerstone for ensuring seamless connectivity among operations, contractors, accounting, and field teams. Notably, cybersecurity insurance mandates underscore the necessity of robust cybersecurity protocols. All GroupOne IT cybersecurity clients go through a rigorous training program where all employees learn about phishing, ransomware, social engineering, password security and much more. Your employees learn to use multi-factor authorization systems and are sent monthly phishing emails to test if they would be fooled.

Partnering with GroupOne IT grants you access to specialized managed IT services tailored explicitly for architecture firms. With our expertise safeguarding your data and operations, you can focus on your projects with unparalleled peace of mind.

IT Infrastructure Management

At GroupOne IT, we understand the importance of a robust IT setup in connecting your operations, personnel, and contractors efficiently. Our managed IT services cater to the unique needs of architecture firms, offering services such as setting up cloud file servers with backup, migrating essential applications to a private cloud, and providing comprehensive IT support for all team members.

We recognize the challenges architecture firms face in optimizing job trailer WiFi and selecting the right file-sharing platform. That's why our expert consultants are here to assist you every step of the way. By entrusting your IT infrastructure management to GroupOne IT, you can focus on what's important - ensuring your projects stay on track and within budget. Let's handle your IT needs so you can concentrate on delivering exceptional architectural solutions.

Empowerment with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Elevate your architectural workflow with our specialized virtual desktop infrastructure, meticulously crafted to address your industry's unique challenges. We empathize with the hurdles faced by architectural firms, which is why our managed IT services offer a virtual desktop infrastructure guaranteeing secure access to CAD files and vital applications from any location.

By harnessing the power of a private cloud and cloud file server, enjoy seamless on-the-go productivity without the fear of lost CAD files or inaccessible key apps beyond the office confines. Our job trailer Wifi configuration ensures uninterrupted, secure connectivity on expansive job sites, fostering collaboration with subcontractors while maintaining peak productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Can GroupOne IT Help Architecture Firms Ensure the Security of Their CAD Files While Working on Large Job Sites?

A: GroupOne IT can help you ensure the security of your CAD files while working on large job sites by providing a cloud file server with backup, migrating key apps to a private cloud, and offering IT support for all team members.

Q: What Steps Does GroupOne IT Take to Ensure Seamless File Sharing Between Architecture Firms, Subcontractors, and Vendors?

A: Ensure seamless file sharing by implementing cloud file server backup, migrating key apps to private cloud, selecting a file share platform through consultation, setting up custom job trailer Wifi, and providing comprehensive IT support for all team members.

Q: How Does GroupOne IT Assist Architecture Firms in Migrating Key Applications to a Private Cloud for Easy Access Outside of the Office?

A: GroupOne IT helps you migrate key applications to a private cloud for easy access outside the office. They guide you through the process seamlessly, ensuring your software is readily available wherever you are, boosting your productivity.

Q: Can GroupOne IT Provide Customized IT Support for Architecture Firms to Address Their Unique Tech Challenges and Requirements?

A: Yes, GroupOne IT can provide customized IT support for your architecture firm, addressing unique tech challenges and requirements. They offer solutions like cloud file servers, private cloud app migration, file sharing platforms, and tailored WiFi setups.

Q: What Solutions Does GroupOne IT Offer to Architecture Firms to Set up a Secure and Reliable Job Trailer Wifi Network for Efficient On-Site Operations?

A: To set up a secure and reliable job trailer wifi network for efficient on-site operations, GroupOne IT offers solutions like cloud file servers with backup, private cloud migration for key apps, consulting on file share platforms, custom job trailer Wifi setup, and comprehensive IT support.


In conclusion, GroupOne IT offers tailored Managed IT Services that cater to the specific needs of architecture firms.

From software licensing management to network security and virtual desktop infrastructure, GroupOne IT is dedicated to keeping your operations running smoothly and securely.

With a focus on collaboration and innovation, GroupOne IT can streamline your IT infrastructure and enhance your business operations.

Trust GroupOne IT to provide top-notch IT support to help you stay on time and on budget.

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