Keeping your systems up, your patient data secure, and your healthcare business thriving.

  • Is your medical practice at risk of costly data breaches and HIPAA violations? Cyber threats are increasing, targeting sensitive patient information and critical systems.

    A single cyber attack can cripple operations, erode patient trust, resulting in devastating lawsuits, fines, and reputational damage.

    GroupOne IT provides innovative Healthcare IT solutions that secure your networks and data from cyber threats, ensure HIPAA compliance, and utilize cutting edge AI tech to reduce repetitive admin work to give you more time with your patients.

    Whether your offices are in Sacramento, El Paso, or anywhere in the continental US, our vast network of IT support experts will be available and on-site whenever you need us.

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Why Choose GroupOne IT

We are a leading managed services provider servicing the US healthcare industry. Improve efficiency, security, and patient care with our healthcare IT solutions.

• Patient care is the core of your business
• Often multi-location, multi-clinic
• Highly variable patient volume
• Critical HIPAA compliance requirements
• EMR/EHR data is extremely sensitive

• Disruptive tech support issues
• Unreliable multi-location data syncing
• Slow systems exacerbate patient backlog
• Legal issues from compliance failures
• Lost, stolen, or ransomed client data

• Provide IT Support for all team members
• Migrate data to a high-performance Cloud
• Redesign network topology via Consulting
• Complete a full IT compliance audit
• Implement a complete Cybersecurity plan

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See why Spencer and others trust GroupOne for their IT needs

Spencer Johnson

Director Of Facilities & IT

Peach Tree Health

GroupOne IT has been an outstanding partner. They implemented our technology road map and coordinated everything to ensure we have a resilient and stable network.

GroupOne exceeded our expectations during the onboarding process, which we knew would be challenging. They were well-prepared to address our concerns and back-end issues during the transition process.

Their commitment to providing excellent service reduced stress for me and my whole team. They helped me make smarter budgeting decisions, resulting in lower overhead costs and less headaches.

We value our relationship with GroupOne and look forward to a long and fruitfull partnership with them.

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Susie Davies



GroupOne IT has been providing IT Managed Services for our nonprofit org since 2010. The longevity of this relationship alone is a testament to how well they've taken care of all our IT needs.

GroupOne provided us with cutting edge phone systems, cyber security, networks, servers, desktop computers, all with minimal disruption to our business operations.

I encourage you to check out the rest of GroupOne's website and read about their story and all the facets of their operations. I did when I first found them, and I can tell you everything they said was true.

If you're looking for the best IT consulting firm, these are the people to call.

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Daniel Andersen

Co-founder, CFP

Parkshore Wealth Management

When we founded our firm back in 2008, GroupOne was our first professional relationship. As we have grown, GroupOne has demonstrated an understanding of our size, limitations, and unique business requirements. Their team meticulously analyzed our existing systems and implemented tailored solutions that streamlined our IT operations.

Our partnership with GroupOne IT has been instrumental in our growth and stability. Their unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, coupled with their fast, thorough, and comprehensive service, has elevated our operational capabilities and positioned us for continued success in the dynamic landscape of financial advisory services. We wholeheartedly recommend GroupOne IT to any organization seeking reliable and proactive IT support tailored to their specific needs.

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IT Managed Services for Healthcare Organizations

In the fast-paced healthcare ecosystem, IT outsourcing is crucial for clinics to ensure HIPAA compliance, patient safety, and digital transformation. That's why we offer an array of IT-managed services:

Managed IT Services     Cybersecurity     IT Support     Cloud     Consulting     Hybrid IT     Voice (VoIP)     Microsoft Dynamics    

Premium Healthcare IT Support and Managed Service

At GroupOne IT, we prioritize robust healthcare IT managed services tailored for clinics and medical practices. In today's landscape of escalating cyber threats, our healthcare IT support technicians excel in fortifying cybersecurity defenses to safeguard patient data and ensure HIPAA compliance. From conducting meticulous audits to implementing cutting-edge security protocols, we craft comprehensive solutions that shield your EMR/EHR ecosystem and IT infrastructure. Our dedicated team empowers healthcare professionals to focus on delivering exceptional patient care, free from concerns over data breaches or compliance violations. Trust GroupOne IT's expertise in managing your IT services, security, and disaster recovery needs, enabling your practice to thrive in an era of digital transformation.

Health Information Technology (HIT)

Your medical office must run like a well-oiled machine to deliver top-notch patient care. Imagine a scenario where a patient's records are inaccessible due to a tech glitch, delaying their treatment and causing frustration for both the patient and your staff. Our HIT services streamline your clinic's operations and ensure the utmost security of sensitive patient information, shielding it from cyber threats. With our HIT support services, like our responsive help desk, your clinic can swiftly address any tech hiccups, keeping your data safe and your operations compliant with regulations. By investing in HIT, you boost your clinic's efficiency and build trust with your patients by safeguarding their privacy. Embracing HIT isn't just a trend – it's a vital step in today's healthcare landscape to guarantee smooth and secure information management.

Healthcare Cybersecurity

To enhance the security of healthcare data, it's crucial to implement robust cybersecurity measures tailored to the unique challenges faced by the industry. As a healthcare support worker, you play a vital role in safeguarding sensitive information. Stay vigilant in adhering to security protocols and report any suspicious activities promptly.

All GroupOne IT cybersecurity clients go through a rigorous training program where all employees learn about phishing, ransomware, social engineering, password security and much more. Your employees learn to use multi-factor authorization systems and are sent monthly phishing emails to test if they would be fooled.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Health Records (EHR) play a crucial role in modern healthcare management. Implementing EHR systems can transform this chaos into streamlined efficiency, eliminating the need to keep track of countless patient records and appointments.

By centralizing patient information, EHR ensures accuracy and compliance with regulations like HIPAA. Data migration during the transition is crucial but daunting; that's where our expert touch comes in. We specialize in seamless EHR implementation, safeguarding your data with top-notch cybersecurity measures.

Let's handle the technicalities so you can focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional care to your patients. Trust us to support you every step, from compliance audits to boosting operational efficiency. Elevate your practice with our reliable IT solutions and experience the difference in patient care.

Make Your Health IT Infrastructure An Asset

We empower healthcare organizations with robust, managed IT services tailored to the industry's demands. Imagine a seamless digital ecosystem where your EHR/EMR data, patient records, and compliance are seamlessly managed with unwavering HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity. Our healthcare IT support technicians implement cutting-edge IT security, healthcare software integrations, and data management solutions, enabling you to deliver exceptional patient care without workflow disruptions. Trust our services to streamline operations, promote quality care, and ensure your IT infrastructure remains a strategic asset in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

A True Partner for Healthcare IT Outsourcing

Elevate your medical practice by outsourcing healthcare IT services to GroupOne IT - the strategic solution for delivering exceptional patient care. Gain specialized expertise in healthcare IT, ensuring smooth operations and improved experiences while maintaining compliance. Envision your staff to provide personalized care unhindered by IT disruptions. Our managed services streamline workflows through effective disaster recovery and data protection solutions. Embrace IT outsourcing to boost efficiency and quality of care, allowing your team to focus on what matters most - your patients' well-being.

Exchange Sensitive Data Securely

In healthcare's fast-paced landscape, seamless patient information sharing optimizes care coordination and efficiency. Your medical office's instant access to critical data is vital for smooth operations. This is where Health Information Exchange (HIE) proves invaluable, ensuring healthcare staff can share electronic health records effortlessly through secure communication and interoperability. When patients transition between providers, their medical data follows, empowering informed decision-making and enhancing overall care quality. HIE places essential tools at healthcare professionals' fingertips, fostering collaboration, streamlining processes, and elevating care continuity for providers and patients. Embrace HIE's game-changing potential to transform your practice's healthcare delivery.

The Importance of Healthcare Data Security

As a dedicated medical professional, you understand the grave risks cyber threats like ransomware pose to your practice's reputation and HIPAA compliance. Don't let these looming dangers compromise the exceptional care you strive to provide. Fortify your defenses with our robust cybersecurity solutions, meticulously crafted to safeguard your sensitive EMR/EHR data and patient information. Through regular system audits and a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, we ensure your network remains an impenetrable fortress, shielding you from potential breaches. With unwavering data security, you can concentrate on delivering outstanding care while upholding the trust and confidentiality your patients deserve. Choose peace of mind and entrust your practice's cybersecurity to our dedicated experts.

Healthcare Compliance & HIPAA

We understand the critical importance of healthcare compliance for the smooth operation of your medical practice. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that your patient's data is secure and protected, all while building a solid foundation of trust.

With the ever-present cyber-attack threat, reliable IT support is paramount to safeguard sensitive information effectively. Our tailored solutions ensure that your medical office or clinic meets all necessary regulations, like HIPAA, to avoid any legal complications arising from non-compliance.

Picture a seamless patient experience without any disruptions caused by tech support issues. Conducting a thorough compliance audit with us can help identify and address risks proactively, ensuring that you meet industry standards effortlessly.

Bridging the Gap for Telemedicine

Telemedicine solutions have revolutionized patient care, bridging the gap between medical facilities and busy professionals. Imagine seamless consultations, monitoring, and follow-ups without disrupting your day. Yet, cybersecurity and compliance remain paramount. We fortify our network with robust safeguards, ensuring patient EMR/EHR data adheres to strict HIPAA regulations, shielding against threats like data breaches or ransomware attacks. Experience unparalleled healthcare access combined with unwavering data protection – the future of care is here with our innovative network solutions.

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Don't settle for subpar IT support. Schedule a consultation with GroupOne IT today to take the first step towards transforming your healthcare organization. Our specialists will work closely with you to understand your needs and craft a comprehensive IT strategy aligning with your goals. Experience the GroupOne IT difference and revolutionize your tech support services for a future-proof, secure, and patient-centric healthcare ecosystem. The journey towards IT greatness starts now. Book your consultation, and let's embark on a path that empowers your practice to thrive in the digital age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does GroupOne IT Ensure Compliance With HIPAA Regulations When Providing IT Support Services for Healthcare Organizations?

A: When providing IT support services, GroupOne IT ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations by implementing strict protocols, training staff on privacy measures, conducting regular audits, and maintaining secure systems. Your dedication to following guidelines is vital.

Q: What specific cybersecurity measures does GroupOne IT implement to protect healthcare organizations from cyber threats?

A: When safeguarding organizations, GroupOne IT implements specific cybersecurity measures to combat cyber threats effectively. They prioritize proactive security strategies, robust firewalls, continuous monitoring, and employee training to fortify defenses and protect data integrity. All GroupOne IT cybersecurity clients go through a rigorous training program where all employees learn about phishing, ransomware, social engineering, password security and much more. Your employees learn to use multi-factor authorization systems and even get monthly phishing emails to test if they would fall prey to a cyber threat.

Q: How Does Groupone IT Assist Healthcare Organizations in Integrating New Healthcare Software Into Their Existing Systems?

A: Assisting organizations with integrating new software into existing systems is a key focus. We streamline the process, ensuring seamless incorporation. Our team's expertise and commitment to excellence guarantee a smooth transition for your business.

Q: Can Groupone IT Provide Support for Medical Devices Used in Healthcare Settings?

A: GroupOne IT can provide support for medical devices used in healthcare settings. You can rely on their expertise to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of your medical devices, enhancing efficiency and patient care.

Q: How Does Groupone IT Help Healthcare Organizations Manage and Secure Their Electronic Health Records Effectively?

A: GroupOne IT helps organizations manage and secure electronic health records effectively by providing IT support, cybersecurity services, and IT consulting. They focus on collaboration, innovation, and operational excellence to ensure data protection and compliance.

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