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  • Struggling with clunky fundraising software, tight budgets, and disruptive tech support? Unlock your nonprofit's path to success with GroupOne IT's Managed IT Services tailored for nonprofits.

    Donations are your lifeblood, and volunteers are essential to your mission's success. We offer solutions designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, supporting your apps, providing IT support for volunteers, aligning technologies to grow memberships, and helping you secure grants and hardware discounts from Tech Soup.

    Whether your offices are in Sacramento, El Paso, or anywhere in the continental US, our vast network of IT support experts will be available and on-site whenever you need us.

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Why Choose GroupOne IT

Get an IT Managed Services partner that knows how to align technologies for membership growth while keeping overhead costs low.

• Donations are the core of the business
• Volunteer workforce integral to success
• Budgets are typically quite low
• Board approval is needed for IT projects

• Malfunctioning fundraising software
• Disruptive tech support issues
• Difficulty paying utility bills
• Can't afford required hardware

• We'll support your apps (IMIS, Vectra, etc)
• Provide IT Support for all volunteers
• Sign you up for CTF (nonprofit utility bill discounts)
• Work with Tech Soup to get you nonprofit hardware discounts

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See why Susie and others trust GroupOne for their IT needs

Susie Davies



GroupOne IT has been providing IT Managed Services for our nonprofit org since 2010. The longevity of this relationship alone is a testament to how well they've taken care of all our IT needs.

GroupOne provided us with cutting edge phone systems, cyber security, networks, servers, desktop computers, all with minimal disruption to our business operations.

I encourage you to check out the rest of GroupOne's website and read about their story and all the facets of their operations. I did when I first found them, and I can tell you everything they said was true.

If you're looking for the best IT consulting firm, these are the people to call.

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Daniel Andersen

Co-founder, CFP

Parkshore Wealth Management

When we founded our firm back in 2008, GroupOne was our first professional relationship. As we have grown, GroupOne has demonstrated an understanding of our size, limitations, and unique business requirements. Their team meticulously analyzed our existing systems and implemented tailored solutions that streamlined our IT operations.

Our partnership with GroupOne IT has been instrumental in our growth and stability. Their unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, coupled with their fast, thorough, and comprehensive service, has elevated our operational capabilities and positioned us for continued success in the dynamic landscape of financial advisory services. We wholeheartedly recommend GroupOne IT to any organization seeking reliable and proactive IT support tailored to their specific needs.

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Spencer Johnson

Director Of Facilities & IT

Peach Tree Health

GroupOne IT has been an outstanding partner. They implemented our technology road map and coordinated everything to ensure we have a resilient and stable network.

GroupOne exceeded our expectations during the onboarding process, which we knew would be challenging. They were well-prepared to address our concerns and back-end issues during the transition process.

Their commitment to providing excellent service reduced stress for me and my whole team. They helped me make smarter budgeting decisions, resulting in lower overhead costs and less headaches.

We value our relationship with GroupOne and look forward to a long and fruitfull partnership with them.

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Nonprofit IT Solutions

Maximize your nonprofit's impact with our expert managed IT services. Enhance efficiency, security, and productivity for your organization. Get started today!

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Affordable Managed IT Services For Charitable Institutions.

In search of a cost conscious managed IT service provider for your charitable organization? At GroupOne IT, we understand the importance of affordability for nonprofit service providers. Our managed IT services enhance cybersecurity, optimize IT expenses, and align technology to support organizational growth. Every dollar counts for charitable institutions, so we offer tailored solutions without breaking the bank. From signing you up for CTF utility discounts to working with Tech Soup for hardware rebates, we work to allocate more funds towards your mission and reduce unnecessary expenses. We strike a balance between quality service and financial prudence, ensuring your organization thrives without compromising excellence. Trust us to support growth and empower your cause with our IT solutions.

Nonprofit Cloud Services

We empower nonprofits with tailored cloud services to boost efficiency and foster collaboration. Our nonprofit cloud solutions streamline operations, driving membership growth while minimizing IT costs.

Through our cost reduction programs, including grants and exclusive hardware discounts, nonprofits optimize spending, maximizing impact for their cause. We prioritize cybersecurity insurance, protecting vital operations with the right protocols.

Understanding nonprofits' unique needs, our team provides dedicated support, enhancing membership growth while managing overhead costs. Partner with GroupOne IT for expert guidance and innovative solutions that align technology with your nonprofit's mission.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Services

In today's digital landscape, safeguarding your nonprofit's data with top-notch cybersecurity is crucial. Effective cybersecurity shields against threats, upholding data integrity and donor confidence. Our rigorous training program ensures all employees are equipped to combat phishing, ransomware, and social engineering. With monthly phishing tests and multi-factor authentication, we fortify your defense against cyber threats. Partner with GroupOne IT to enhance your cybersecurity posture, navigate the digital landscape confidently, and safeguard your nonprofit's digital assets.

Premium Nonprofit Technology Services

Empower your nonprofit with GroupOne IT's specialized technology services tailored to your mission and goals. We understand the unique IT needs of nonprofits, such as membership growth and reducing costs through grants and discounts.

Every dollar matters to nonprofits, so we focus on minimizing overhead expenses. By partnering with us, you'll gain access to cybersecurity insurance guidance and IT infrastructure optimization strategies. Our expertise in aligning technologies to drive membership growth and lower costs ensures that your nonprofit can stay focused on its core mission.

Let GroupOne IT be your trusted partner in maximizing your IT efficiency and supporting your nonprofit's success.

Managed Services For Nonprofit Organizations

Empower your nonprofit with GroupOne IT's specialized Managed IT Services tailored for the unique needs of the nonprofit sector. Our team optimizes operations to drive efficiency and growth. Seamlessly integrate technology to expand your membership base and implement cost-saving strategies. Cybersecurity is paramount—we ensure compliance with insurance requirements.

In the nonprofit realm, every dollar counts. Our IT solutions minimize overhead costs, maximizing your impact. Let us handle the technical aspects while you focus on your mission, confident in our commitment to enhancing operational effectiveness.

Choose GroupOne IT for unparalleled support in advancing your cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Can Groupone IT Help Nonprofits Align Their Technologies to Grow Their Membership Effectively?

A: To help nonprofits align technologies for membership growth, GroupOne IT offers tailored solutions. They focus on reducing IT costs, maximizing funds for the cause. With expertise in cybersecurity and IT protocols, they ensure efficient operations.

Q: What Specific IT Cost Reduction Programs Does Groupone IT Offer to Nonprofit Organizations?

A: When you partner with GroupOne IT, they offer specific IT cost reduction programs for nonprofit organizations. These programs include grants, hardware discounts, and expert guidance on cybersecurity insurance to help you save money and focus on your cause. Whether it’s signing you up for CTF utility discounts, or working with Tech Soup for hardware rebates, we’ll work to save you money so you can save the world.

Q: How Does Groupone IT Ensure That Every Dollar Spent on IT Overhead by Nonprofits Is Optimized to Support Their Cause?

A: We work to ensure every dollar spent on IT overhead by nonprofits is optimized through cost reduction programs. We align technologies to grow membership, and provide expert guidance on cybersecurity insurance needs. Trust us to support your cause effectively.

Q: Can Groupone IT Assist Nonprofits in Reporting on Their % of Revenue Is Allocated Towards Overhead to Attract Donors?

A: Yes, GroupOne IT can help nonprofits report their % of revenue towards overhead to attract donors. They provide expert IT support, ensuring accurate reporting and optimal use of funds to support the cause.

Q: What Unique IT Solutions Does Groupone IT Provide to Help Nonprofits Grow Their Membership While Reducing Overhead Costs Effectively?

A: You need IT solutions that help grow membership while cutting costs. GroupOne IT offers tailored strategies to meet your specific needs. We’ll make sure every dollar counts towards your cause.


Take the next step towards IT excellence for your nonprofit organization with GroupOne IT. Our tailored managed IT services are designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and boost cybersecurity for your charitable institution.

Let's be your partner in harnessing the power of technology to drive your nonprofit towards greater impact and success. Join us on this journey towards operational excellence and watch your organization thrive like never before.

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