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  • Turino Fuad

    Co-Founder & CFO, GroupOne IT

    (916) 233-0521 • [email protected]

    With over three decades of experience in financial, international business, and entrepreneurship, I bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and knowledge to GroupOne IT. I am responsible for both the day-to-day and strategic fiscal operations of the organization. These responsibilities include oversight of all accounting, finance, and strategic financial planning for the organization. more...

My extensive international and entrepreneurial experience places me in the unique position to seek and evaluate strategic long-term acquisition strategies. As a CPA, I am also directly responsible for the tax advisory and consulting services provided to the organization’s clients.

I was born and raised in Indonesia, where I developed a strong entrepreneurial foundation and quickly learned the values of hard work. At an early age, I immigrated to the US, where I attended Chico State and completed my bachelor’s degree in accounting. I continued to expand my educational foundation with an MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California. I quickly began developing my professional resume, with various roles in finance and accounting, including roles as CFO with PT Citra Swadaya Loka and Kelley & Swain, Inc. I then began to sharpen my entrepreneurial skill sets and started Turino & Co., a company that focused on management coaching and financial consulting. I sought to expand my expertise more broadly and became the managing principal with VINX International, a global organization that sought to create demand and experience of wine consumption in Asia Pacific Rim countries.

With this ever-growing entrepreneurial spirit in full bloom, I co-founded GroupOne IT. Throughout my professional career, I have remained active and engaged with my family business, Puratos Indonesia, where I have spent over two decades on the board of directors.

As an efficient multi-tasker and thoughtful mentor, I am highly respected among my peers and subordinates alike. I am motivated daily to mentor, develop, and guide my direct reports to the highest levels of both personal and professional success. I am passionate about numbers and all things financial.

In my personal life, I'm a loving husband and father of two grown children, and I love hiking, golf, travel, food, and wine. less...

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