Types of Managed Services / Looking at the Various Services and Security Options We Offer as an MSP

August 19th, 2020 / Blogs

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we offer many types of managed services for today’s business needs. You receive the same IT services of an internal department, but with the added benefit of expertise to help you stay up-to-date with the latest hardware, software, and security solutions for maximum efficiency and growth. We have valuable insights in the most frequently used systems and applications you may be looking into, as well as knowledge of lesser-known systems to better suit your needs. And our wide range of service options allow you to select the specific services you want, at the service level you need, commonly at a lower cost than doing it internally. But which managed services are right for you?

In this article, we’ll discuss the types of managed services we offer to help you select the solutions that are best for you.

The Role of a Managed Service Provider

As an MSP, we offer many types of managed services with professional IT support that businesses are looking for, without the expense and time of hiring, training, and staffing their own team. This outside option brings significant savings, charging only for the IT services you need when you need it. The many types of managed services we offer ensure your internal and external systems work properly and efficiently and maintain the security you need.

Types of Managed Services

Managed Networks and Infrastructure Services

As an MSP, we ensure your various technology systems sync fluidly on your internal network. This work has gone beyond common computers and servers and now includes mobile and wireless networking options, as well as cloud networking infrastructure services, all maintainable and upgradable offsite by your MSP, without disrupting your organization. These types of managed services regularly include backup and storage capabilities.

The more systems your business uses, the more complicated servicing these systems is. An MSP has the expertise and full range of types of managed services to handle a wealth of systems. You can pick the level of service you need.

Managed Security Services

As businesses and organizations store more user data offsite and on cloud-based servers, security is more vital than ever, making it among the most important types of managed services. Compromised information can have dangerous results for your business.

We will manage your security accurately and dependably, providing the latest virus software options to protect against all common dangers such as malware, ransomware, and anti-virus. And with these types of managed services done remotely, all work is discussed and implemented reliably and on-time without disrupting your organization.

Managed Communication Services

Methods of communication expand each year, going beyond common phones to include voice, video, and data communications such as instant messaging technology. This growth has led to one of the more popular types of managed services we offer. Our Voice service can be easily included in any managed service package, improving communication and productivity. Whether you already have a Voice system in place or are looking to improve it, we ensure your communication functions as intended.

Data Analytics Managed Services

User data continues to be a significant tool toward business growth, and there are many types of managed services to protect that data. Gaining a deeper understanding of users by storing and analyzing their data results helps you better service customers and gain clearer understandings of trends and opportunities for faster and stronger growth. Analyzing and protecting this data is one among the most important types of managed services we offer today.

We will help you safely store and access your data to give you the edge you need to provide the best service and products to your customers and put you ahead of your competition.

Managed Support Services

  • This is a wide-ranging offering that covers many types of managed services adopted by internal IT departments. Whether it be a small issue such as updating software or larger issues such as repairing damaged systems due to viruses, we are available to support your systems on an as-needed basis at a significant cost savings to housing your own IT staff.

24/7 Managed Services

With the high importance of technology for businesses, and the growing potential of online threats to data, addressing issues immediately is one of our most important types of managed services. Having the right safeguards in place means going beyond just security. Prompt attention must be paid to data and server issues to protect against and minimize loss. This means surveillance and emergency repair any time and day of the year.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services

With the wealth of user data collected each day, cloud systems are the ideal way to store the volume of information you need. And by paying only for the amount you use, cloud servicing is of the best types of managed services for your money.

Cloud servers also allow employees to work remotely, boosting productivity. We can monitor and maintain your internal cloud network and work with outside cloud services to ensure your systems function seamlessly throughout your organization, anywhere they are. These types of managed services excel at producing added efficiency.

Backup / Disaster Recovery Services

Whether your systems are damaged from system failure or natural disasters like fires, floods, and loss of electricity, we ensure your data is backed up and ready. This includes services such as scheduled automatic backups and audits to ensure data is stored properly. When a disaster hits, these types of managed services are invaluable.

Types of Managed Services for Wireless and Mobile Computing

With remote work increasing among businesses every year, there is now greater need for remote systems for laptops and wireless devices. A well-managed system goes a long way toward your productivity goals, even reducing business costs by reducing office space. These types of managed services let you take advantage of these benefits without owning these systems internally, saving you substantially in cost.

Managed Print Services

Like an internal IT team, we can monitor and update your printing technology and managing complex data files. We can also conduct these types of managed services remotely, fixing issues immediately to ensure your printing needs are properly fulfilled.

With so many types of managed services under one roof, you get all the software, security, and hardware assistance you need from the convenience of one organization. This includes internal, remote, and cloud-based systems. And they are well worth the investment. These types of managed services go a long way to protecting your systems and ensuring your business works efficiently and profitably.


The business benefits of cloud computing grow each year, leading to an increase in data value, more efficient organizations, faster platforms, and safer storage. And as these benefits grow, so does demand. More businesses are integrating cloud services to give them the edge they need over their competition.

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Written by Chris Wiegman