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May 3rd, 2022 / City & Services Pages

Sorry boss, I couldn’t get my project done today. The telephones were down. I almost have it fixed though!

Great, that’s what you pay your team to do. Fiddle with the IT problems all day.

Not likely.

Your time as well as your employee’s time is worth much more per hour. It is just not cost-effective to have your routines and processes interrupted for hours with IT issues.

You are the leader in your area of expertise. Handing IT issues over to the experts gives you extra time to do what you do best. Your staff will get their jobs done efficiently when they don’t have IT issues to handle.

A dependable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service brings you your favorite features, as well as all the support. Traditional phone lines just don’t cut it compared to our high end business features.

Our support engineers will resolve your communication issues quickly without interfering with any of your company processes. We monitor your connection to prevent viruses leading to fewer issues in the first place.

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VOIP Services San Jose

Your current phone service leaves you in frustration when your phone calls are spotty. Effective communication is at the center of your business operations. Our VoIP phone solution smooths all of that out without any extra costs for your favorite features.

  • Call recording
  • Voicemail to email unified messages
  • Auto attendants
  • Call groups
  • Name directories
  • Conference bridges
  • Call parking
  • Video conferencing
  • Call center functions and reporting

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We Integrate Managed Voice with the applications you already use.

Our San Jose VoIP services get everything you need all in one place. Users can import data from telephone calls to software and have instant access to that information. You can do all this while maintaining live calls with clients.

Now you are multitasking, sharing data, and maintaining smooth connections. This is how you reach a higher level of efficiency for your business and your customers.

We help you customize your Managed Voice service to work for your business.

You are in complete control over your VoIP phone service while not having to manage it. You have limited time. You need to get on those telephone calls without having to drop the ball by dealing with IT issues.

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Business VOIP Service In San Jose

We have all the VoIP features you need to keep your San Jose business running smoothly with our business VoIP plan. Compare this solution and all the features to your current telephone service price. The advantages combined with the cost make this an easy transition.

What makes us better than those other guys? Good question!

Group One owns its VoIP platform. With us, you get all the support with faster response times than competing companies who host their connection through third-party vendors. This leads to their customers receiving slower response times when they need to contact the company with a problem.

Quite the domino effect. Now your customers are getting slow response times due to the IT issues in the office. We cannot have that.

Managing our platform allows us to detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues much faster than competitors. What’s better than having fast response times when problems come up? Having the issues dealt with before it becomes a problem. Our improvements to VoIP is what sets us apart from competitors, saving you money.

For a flat monthly fee, GroupOne will program, install, and support your service. This is the solution for people who need to stay connected while multitasking at their desk or while away from their desk. This gives users the ability to travel, work remotely, or whose job requires them to be away from their desk.

We give you access with flexibility. Our quality VoIP solutions bring your business all the benefits of your favorite features. While our basic features are delivered with quality. We are the San Jose provider you can trust is doing more.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in bringing your business to that higher level of efficiency with our VoIP plans. Let us answer all of your questions!

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Written by Chris Wiegman