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August 18th, 2021 / Blogs

Every business is different, and so are its needs. That’s why it’s important to have a managed IT service that will work with your company to find solutions for all of your technology challenges. This way, you’ll be able to focus on what makes your business unique while we handle the day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure. If you’re looking for a dedicated team of experts in the fight against technology problems, click here to contact us today!

Technology has changed the way we do business for good – it’s increased efficiency, generated insights through data, and made life easier. But, your network is one of your most valuable assets that deserves care when you’re upgrading or making changes to ensure a seamless transition into this new era where technology plays such an integral role in our lives.

You’re likely to have an in-house team, or have previously talked to hundreds of consultants, but with the many benefits of managed services you don’t need to take care of your network on their own. Managed service and technology companies offer expert support for networks so that business owners can focus more time making money instead. With cost savings included, it’s a no brainer solution for any size company!

Many businesses assume they must rely solely on their dedicated in-house team when management is required. However, this isn’t always true. The convenience and expertise offered by third party providers makes them worth considering if anything goes wrong or needs upgrading at all times – which happens often as new technologies are released every day (especially now). This leaves plenty of time left over to focus on what your business does best!

What Are Managed Services?

In today’s digital age, technology is an integral part of every business. Networks and IT are crucial to maximizing efficiency in the workplace for many businesses , but can also be costly if you don’t do it right. As a result, small businesses often have trouble finding the resources they need – whether that is sacrificing quality or quantity when it comes to network maintenance efforts or other tasks using technology such as web development.

Every business uses technology now more than ever before because networks and IT keeps growing increasingly important while simultaneously becoming expensive (as funds get tighter). For companies without vast amounts of funding at their disposal like large corporations enjoy, this means having to make tough decisions about how best to allocate concerns about monthly costs such as labor rates and labor costs, infrastructure costs, control costs, unexpected costs, additional overtime costs, etc.

Managed services are a way to outsource maintenance and repair work so you don’t have to worry about all the technical details and any concerns about cost. A top-notch managed expert service provider will take care of your IT support needs, network administration responsibilities, data backup functions as well as network security for any issues that may arise on your company’s information systems.

Managed Services VS Break-Fix Services

In this modern business environment, break-fix services are not the best option for many businesses. When a problem arises with an IT or network issue and you call up a technician to solve it, they often take hours or days before returning your phone calls. What’s worse is that these technicians usually charge $125 hourly rate of service time! Plus when there’s network downtime in those precious moments where servers need their daily maintenance overhauled – what about all the money lost from missing out on potential customers? Break fix problems can really hurt business owners such as yourself who want to get back to work without any worries of paying high fees by waiting around too long for someone else’s help and tending to their daily operations.

With managed services, your IT provider monitors and fixes any issues on the spot. By having a remote monitoring system in place that offers constant visibility into how everything is working, they can take steps to keep things running smoothly for you at all times.

There are many benefits of choosing managed services rather than a break-fix approach. To name just a few, you’ll have the peace-of mind that comes with knowing your IT is being monitored by experts who will respond to any alerts as soon as they happen; an MSP can also provide additional security for all devices connected and on-site at your company‘s offices, both on desktop and mobile devices. In addition, there’s no need to invest time into managing software updates or hardware repairs because these tasks get done automatically—in most cases within minutes!

Some additional benefits to organizations that use managed services include:

-Predictable Monthly Costs

-Easing the Burden of Compliance

-24/7 Availability

-Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Predictable Monthly Costs

Every IT investment has a higher cost than just the initial expenditures. There are fees for networks, storage and security that companies must have to run their operations smoothly. In addition, there is always a chance of additional staffing costs, the cost of training an additional employee, plus unexpected costs arising at any time- which can be devastating without having room in your budget or specialized staff to handle them on top of all other responsibilities. By outsourcing initiatives like these services to a trusted managed service third party provider instead, organizations get more control over what they spend money on by only paying small monthly payments and avoiding capital expenditures while still maintaining high quality service from professionals who know best how things work around here!

Easing the Burden of Compliance

On top of regular audits, businesses have to deal with the complexities of compliance standards with their IT initiatives. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and Sarbanes-Oxley spell out rules for organizations in the healthcare education financial services retail industries. A trusted MSP understands these regulations as they can provide systems processes reports to guarantee that your organization meets its requirements without placing a burden on internal staff.

24/7 Availability

In today’s digital age, more and more people are opting to work around the clock. This means that they need access to their network 24/7 as well. Thus, help is always available when users experience any technical difficulties no matter what time it may be or where in the world they might find themselves. With a managed services provider on your team day-in and day-out, you can count on them for whatever needs arise during those 9AM – 5PM hours when most companies have shut down operations, but not yours!

The traditional nine-to five workday is outdated these days because nowadays many people opt to never stop working which requires an IT staff that doesn’t take off anytime during daytime business hours either – including weekends, nights, holidays etc.

Increased Productivity & Efficiency

You may have employees on staff with IT experience, who were hired to develop programs or train other employees. However, it is easy for them to get sidetracked when coworkers come asking if they can help fix their computer’s log-in issues, or equipment issues, – which costs time and money in lost productivity for the company over time. Outsourcing your miscellaneous requests about IT solutions (i.e., phone calls) to an MSP provides a dedicated line of support that allows you more free time to commit to your day-to-day tasks.

How GroupOne Services Can Help You

Professionally Managed IT Services

GroupOne, the company that has been providing IT services to SMBs across multiple verticals for years, is now better than ever. Not only will you find all of your current needs met with comprehensive support and an easy-to-use ticketing system; but also GroupOne offers a variety of cloud solutions so you can store data securely and cut costs while still getting excellent service!

Custom IT Solutions

Your IT needs are as unique and complex as you, so why should your IT plan be any different? Our team can customize a solution that will serve all of the technical aspects for your company. You don’t have to worry about constantly updating software or hardware because we’ll take care of it!

Innovative Pricing Model

GroupOne offers a unique pricing model for your business. What you pay is based on the number of computers, laptops, and servers in your system instead of by adding or subtracting features that may not apply to you. This allows us to give an extremely fair price with transparency so you know what it will cost before we start working together. We also cater our options according to your budget parameters so there’s never any confusion about how much something might cost at GroupOne!

With Managed IT Services by GroupOne, you get:

  • A custom IT solution deployed by IT professionals
  • Fair and transparent billing for services
  • Tailor-made solution to fit your needs, processes and budget

Ready to get started? Feel free to call us today at 916.817.8877, or click here to schedule a Free Network Assessment to learn more about what GroupOne can do for you and benefit your business!

Written by Chris Wiegman