Why Your Business Needs IT Support - GroupOne Consulting, Inc.

March 3rd, 2016 / Blogs

Every business experiences computer problems that may need IT support. It’s a fundamental fact of owning a company. There are going to be days when your network goes down, or a device gets the “blue screen of death.” What ISN’T a fact, however, is that you should always be responsible for fixing and maintaining your technology by yourself.

Standard IT Support Problems

  • Blue Screen of Death – Everyone dreads the blue screen of death. For the most part, users who are presented with this screen freak out and run to their IT support provider before reading what’s written on the screen.
  • Login Issues – There are so many reasons why this can happen, from user error (turn your caps lock off, Jimmy!) to account suspension (you typed your password in wrong HOW many times?!)
  • Recovering Accidentally Deleted Files – Contrary to popular belief, a file that has been moved to the waste basket hasn’t necessarily been deleted. If you’ve recently emptied your bin, stop using the drive until IT support is contacted.
  • Slow Computer – If you’re thinking you can run a million and two windows altogether without slowing down your computer, think again. Having a ton of windows open is going to slow down your device. You might have also picked up malware. It’s important to tell your IT support provider everything.
  • Computer Shut Down Unexpectedly – Like the ceiling fans in your bedroom, computers fans are not immune to dust build up. It’s likely that your equipment overheated and shut down to protect itself from blowing up and catching on fire.
  • Printer Stopped Working – Most people forget to check to be sure their printer is on, or has paper in it, or is filled with ink. Make sure you’re checking the obvious before calling IT support.
  • Computer Making Weird Noises – If your computer is making a weird noise, it’s more than likely due to a stuck spindle or a bad head. Stop using the machine until the issue is diagnosed. Just make sure everything has been backed up recently or you might be in trouble!
  • Slow Internet – More than likely caused by malware or a virus. Make sure you tell your IT provider what happened – even if it does embarrass you or may get you in trouble. Being chewed out is a lot better than losing all your company’s data.
  • Unreliable Wireless Network – We’ve all experienced this. You get logged in, finally, and then BAM! Booted off again. The most common fix is to unplug it and plug it back in again, a process that your IT support technician can quickly walk you through.
  • Unrecognizable USB Device – If other ports don’t work, or the USB isn’t reading on other computers, you might have a bigger issue that requires you to call your IT provider.

GroupOne Has Heard It All Before

We’re no strangers to frequent (and not so familiar!) IT issues. You need an IT Support provider to make sure these issues don’t come up in the first place. See; we can proactively manage your technology and its devices to give you the most uptime for your business. You won’t have to worry about unplugging and plugging back in, troubleshooting that pesky printer, or slightly ditzy Jimmy (…well, you might still have to worry about him. Some people never learn.) The point is: with GroupOne on your side, you’ll have unlimited IT support from our team of expert engineers. Don’t take our word for it, though; we ’re biased. Give us a call and find out for yourself how incredible we are.

Written by Chris Wiegman